We've hand selected a representative of bike brands ready to showcase their high-end whips. These folks don't just talk the talk with women's mountain biking- they walk the walk with women's products, sponsored athletes, ambassadors, grassroots involvement, and more. 

While there will be 6+ demo fleets at the festival, bikes will be sent out first-come-first-serve and we cannot guarantee availability. If you are keen on a particular bike, we recommend being prompt for the 9:00 demo start or, better yet, snag a limited-quantity VIP Demo Pass. 

Top 8 Demo Best Practices:

  1. Be shreddy. Be ready to ride when you arrive to get a demo bike. It is important for accurate suspension setup that you have all your gear (including water) on you.

  2. Have your helmet, ID, and credit card. Our demo exhibitors will hang on to your credit card while you have their really really nice bike. You'll get your card back as soon as they have their bike back. 

  3. Get stoked. Be patient. Our demo crews are hustling their asses off to get bikes out as quickly as possible. We promise there is a method to the madness, so be nice and engage chill mode. 

  4. Trust the experts. Your personal bike might be a medium, but every bike's geometry is different. The folks working under the tent of Brand X are probably more knowledgable about Brand X's bike fit than you, your husband, or the 16-year-old kid at your local bike shop. Give 'em a chance when they make a suggestion!

  5. Have a good attitude & expect things to feel a little different. Surprise! You are riding a different bike than normal - expect the bike to handle differently than what you are used to. Embrace the squishy goodness. 

  6. A demo bike is for a test ride. It isn't an all-day rental. We understand it is sometimes impossible to get back in 1-2 hours from a ride (especially if joining a group ride on the other side of town), but please remember other ladies would like to try that sexy sexy bike too!

  7. Don't hold on to a bike while you take a break or have a meal. See above for sound reasoning. 

  8. It has two wheels - it rolls! You might not get the exact bike that you were gunning for, but if it rolls, be stoked that you get to go ride world class trails with a ton of rad lady shredders!



We are selling a very limited quantity of VIP Demo Passes for $49. This pass will allow pass holders to demo an hour early each morning, and reserve bikes for Saturday/Sunday once at the festival. You must purchase a regular festival pass to use a VIP Demo Pass. 


Prefer to guarantee yourself a bike all day while at Roam Bike Fest? Lucky for you, Sedona's local bike shops have some of the best rental fleets around. Book early, rentals sell out. Call for pricing and availability. 

Over the Edge

Absolute Bikes

Trail Sports

Sedona Bike & Bean


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