Q: Is it weird if I come to the festival solo?

A: Hell no! About 1/3 of our participants arrive won't take long to make new friends!

Q: Is this festival beginner friendly?

A: The Brevard festival is geared toward seasoned riders, but riders of all abilities are welcome to shred with us. We recommend participants have a season or two of riding under their belts. If you are new to riding, we ask that you take a skills clinics or private coaching before joining the event or any group rides.

Q: I'm an expert level rider, real talk - is this festival for me?

A: Jill Kintner, Kelli Emmett, and Olympian Chloe Woodruff think the festival is pretty effin' rad. We stand by our policy of "does not suck" for intermediate+ riders, including those who have the skills to pay the bills.


Q: Will there be on the bike skills clinics?

A: Nope! We are here to shred sister! There are dozens of off-the-bike educational workshops throughout the weekend for post-ride nerding out.

Q: How old/young do I have to be to participate?

Due to alcohol permitting, you must be 21 to attend. Most of our participants are between 25 and 55; we've had more than a few 60+ shredders (even a totally badass 78-year-old)!

Under 21? Contact us. 

Q: How many women come to the festival?

A: We expect to sell-out at 300 festival goers.

Q: Can my super adorable fur baby Fluffy come to the festival?

A: Due to the insanity that would ensue if 200 women showed up with their 300 dogs...we ask that you leave Fluffy at home.

Q: Can my husband/boyfriend/totally platonic man-friend come?

A: Nope. Roam Bike Fest is a women's-only bike festival. We can't go catching any cooties (we've neutralized the handful of guys working at the festival for their respective bike companies). Plan on enjoying an awesome weekend with a bunch of other rad bike-obsessed ladies.

Q: I'm a dude, can I just come demo a bike?

A: Thanks for asking, but no. Feel free to check out our bike partner's demo schedules for other nearby demo opportunities. Local Brevard bike shops have great high-end rental fleets.

Q: Are WTF and WOMXN invited?

A: Absolutely! Anyone who identifies as female and is over the age of 21 is welcome to join the festival.

Q: What if it rains?

A: The festival will go on as scheduled, barring any crazy Acts of God that would make it unsafe to continue.

Q: I'm arriving later Friday, can I come to the Friday Happiest Hour and/or film screening if I don't have a pass for Friday?

A: Yes. At the door Happiest Hour and film screening-only passes are $25 and proceeds are donated to the MAG Fund. Arriving before 6PM? Please purchase a festival pass. 


Q: Can I upgrade my one or two day festival pass?

A: Yes! Before the festival? Email us. At the festival? Talk to us at the festival HQ tent and we'll get you set!

Q: Can I use a 2-Day Pass on Friday and Sunday?

A: Yes, but we don't recommend missing jam-packed Saturday!

Q: I just want to demo, is there a discounted pass to only demo bikes?

A: And miss the dance party? Are you crazy?! We're committed to this lady shred fest being a sun-up to sun-down extravaganza, if you only want to demo (and skip all the absolutely rad other stuff), feel free to purchase a full-priced festival pass - we'll make sure your beer gets drank and your fiesta dinner gets scarfed. 


Q: What is the REI Campout?

A: On-site REI Campout passes are just $39 a person for 4 nights/5 days of camping. REI is hosting a campout with tent setup help, coffee, a brunch sampler, morning yoga, s'mores, and campfire kumbaya. Camping is primitive, please prepare to be self-reliant for the weekend with food, supplies, and baby wipes a-plenty! Camping passes must be purchased in advance. 

*Please note: If planning to car camp, your vehicle cannot drive in and out of the campsite between 10AM Friday and 10AM Sunday. If you want to be mobile, please drop off your gear and then park in regular festival parking area.  


Q: Can I stay in cabins at REEB Ranch?

A: All onsite lodging is booked for festival staff. Check out our lodging details for nearby suggestions.

Q: Will there be food at the festival?


Breakfast: If you are camping, REI is hosting a brunch sampler. Otherwise please plan to have breakfast OYO.

Lunch: Available for purchase onsite 

Dinner: Available for purchase Friday night, FREE fiesta dinner is on Saturday.

Q: I don't eat the animals, food options for me?

A: Friday and Saturday dinner will have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-freedom & dairy-free options. Probably a good idea to pack a lunch if you have significant dietary restrictions. 

Q: How do I get to and from the festival?

A: Most participants drive. Check out our transportation details. 


Q: Where should I ride?

A: We encourage everyone to start on our designated on-site demo loop (details available at festival) to get yourself oriented to Brevard's unique riding. All other recommended routes can be updated soon!

Q: Can anyone join a group ride?

A: Festival pass holders are encouraged to sign up for group rides appropriate for their skill and fitness level. Advanced, Intermediate, Chill Intermediate, and Beginnermediate rides will be available. No absolute beginners. Max group size is 8 riders. If your friend is slower than you, please don't throw her to the wolves with a ride beyond her ability level. 

Q: I'm not bringing my own bike, can you guarantee a demo bike?

A: We have TONS of demo bikes and highly encourage participants to plan to demo. We cannot promise a bike will be available in your size at all times, but it is very likely you will be able to get on a bike throughout the weekend. If you want to ensure you get a shred sled, sign up for our VIP Demo Pass (limited quantity) to enjoy early demo, a VIP shuttle, and reserve bikes in advance. 

The local bike shops have friendly faces and great rental fleets:

Sycamore Cycles

The Hub & Pisgah Tavern 

Squatch Bikes

Q: What do I need to demo (test ride)?

A: A helmet, appropriate shoes, a credit card and ID (to make sure you bring the bike back), and a festival pass. 

Q: How do I get on a shuttle?

A: Shuttles are free for festival goers and will run from 9AM-1PM. Some shuttles are reserved for group rides. Shuttles will run laps to and from local trails and the festival. 

Q: Can I take a demo bike on a group ride or out on my own ride?

A:  We understand it's extremely hard to bring demo bikes back within the 2-hour general time limit. Don't worry if you are out a bit longer on a ride, but please don't treat your demo bike as an all-day rental. 



Q: Can I attend any workshop? Do I need to bring anything?

A: If you have a festival pass, you can join, just bring yourself! Workshops, presentations, and event details can be found on our schedule.

Q: What is the Happiest Hour?

A: A crazy fun hour of free dranks, snacks, and games provided by our expo vendors. Non-alcoholic drinks available. 

Q: What is a SHREDTalk?

A: The most inspiring hour of your life. AKA a panel discussion with industry legends, game changers, influencers, and inspiration-smiths.  

Q: Should I really bring a Star Wars costume for the dance party?

A: Shhyaaaah! Even better if it is home made!


Q: What is your cancellation policy?


  • At any time prior to the festival: A registered pass holder can transfer their ticket to another lady rider.

  • Up to 14 days before festival start date: A registered pass holder can defer the cost of a pass to a future Roam Event

  • Within 14 days of festival start: No deferments are allowed, only transfers to another person to attend in your place.



  • Up to one month before festival start date: full refund, less $25 administration fee.

  • 30 or fewer days before festival, or "no show": no refund.


We understand illness, injury, or family emergencies do happen. While we’ll always want to help, please be ready for the above policies to still apply.



Once you purchase a festival pass, you will receive an order confirmation email from Eventbrite on behalf of Roam Bike Fest organizer Roam Events. Your e-ticket(s) will be attached to your order confirmation email. You do not need to print your ticket out - we will have a registration list at the event.

  • 2-Day and 3-Day passes will increase in price after April 2nd.

  • Please check e-mails from Eventbrite and hello@thisisroam leading up to the festival- these messages will contain important event information

  • No refunds after April 2nd. See refund & transfer policies

  • Due to alcohol permitting, this is 21and over event

  • Event is rain or shine

  • Schedule and vendors subject to change without notice

  • By purchasing this ticket, you consent to the Roam Bike Fest's Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement


Q: Can I volunteer at the festival?

A: Volunteer opportunities are limited, but if you think you've got a skillset we just can't pass up, email us at 

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Please be sure to fully look over details on our website, eventbrite page, and e-mail blasts. Still have questions? We can be reached by email at


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